Make It Yours: Design a Custom Ring with Todd Reed

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In ancient times, the first wedding rings were simple, knotted cords that were said to cast a spell over the wearers, binding them together for eternity. Today, we exchange these superstitions for a more grounded view on partnership. At Todd Reed, we believe that a couple’s engagement and wedding bands represent the singular style of the two people in love; what makes a ring unique and unforgettable are the details that make it special to you and your partner.

In a landscape of overwhelming options, it can be difficult to find a ring that feels like the one. If, like many couples, you can’t seem to find the perfect ring, designing a custom bridal set is an excellent option. We have a highly personalized custom design experience that offers couples a chance to work with Todd to design an unforgettable one-of-a-kind ring.

There are several reasons couples decide to design their own engagement or wedding bands.

  1. You would like to create a ring that is uniquely meaningful to your partnership and personal style.
  2. You would like to personalize an already existing ring design by adding unique details or using different stones.
  3. You have other jewelry or family heirlooms that you would like to repurpose into a custom design.
  4. You would like a personal and exciting purchasing experience that you will remember forever. 

Here are some unique advantages to working with Todd Reed on your custom engagement ring or wedding bands:

  1. Access to Todd: You are able to work with the artist himself on your custom design. For local couples, Todd will join you in our Design Room and will sketch ideas for your rings in-person.
  2. Curate Your Budget: There are no surprises here. Our team frequently communicates with you regarding pricing during each step of the process. We will always work within your budget.  
  3. Memorable Details: At your request, our in-house photographer will document and photograph the entire custom design process, from initial consultation to delivery of your finished piece—allowing you to remember this meaningful experience for years to come.
  4. American Made: Your ring will be handmade by one of our master jewelers in our Boulder, Colorado shop using the finest craftsmanship and luxury materials available. When you pick up your ring, you can meet the jeweler who made it and tour the shop to see where it was made.
  5. Ethical Practices: You can feel good about the materials your ring was made from. Every Todd Reed design is made using recycled metals and ethically sourced, conflict-free stones. We are committed to creating top luxury products while being the best social and environmental stewards possible.

Some couples have a vague idea of what they are looking for and others have an exact design in mind. No matter where you are in this process, the Todd Reed team will help you define the details and design a custom ring that you will love for years to come. Contact our showroom today to learn more about our custom design experience here at Todd Reed.

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