Building Something Meaningful

Building Something Meaningful

When you least expect it, love knocks the wind out of you

When Adam and Justin went on their first date, neither was looking for a relationship. “I had been on nearly 20 consecutive bad dates (literally) and was one date away from calling it quits on dating for a while.” Justin explains, “Adam was six months fresh out of a long term relationship and was just starting to dip his toes into the idea of dating, but was definitely not looking for a long-term relationship.”

Neither expected a "simple" date would turn into love, marriage and four years of bliss. But, as Justin notes, “When you least expect it, love knocks the wind out of you.”

The search for their wedding bands, however, wasn’t as simple. “For months, we were looking at rings. Justin asked Adam to tell him when he found a 10 out of 10 ring, but he just could not. 

At this point, "The closest we got was a 9, and that was a beautiful ring by Todd Reed.” The couple decided to work with the team at I.Gorman Jewelers and Todd Reed to create a custom set of bands that spoke to each individual and their relationship. Using that ring as a base, Justin took design elements from other pieces that Adam liked, and worked with Todd to give Adam a ring that he said was an 11. "Knowing that these were going to be our forever bands, we wanted them to have meaning of who we are as a couple."

Adam's ring was designed around his passion for photography. He chose a brushed palladium band with two rows of black diamonds and coined edges to look like a photographers lens.

Justin's ring features a single sapphire (his birthstone) nestled between the two halves. It signifies his act of asking Adam to dinner—a move that ultimately brought these two lovebirds together.


The pair were married in a beautiful seaside ceremony surrounded by their closest friends and family members. Congratulations to the happy couple, and welcome to the Todd Reed Family! 

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