Todd Reed Gallery 2

A Classic Torch & Hammer Shop

All Todd Reed bespoke jewelry and art objects are designed and forged in our Boulder, Colorado metalsmithing shop using the finest craftsmanship and luxury materials.

A Natural Approach To Our Craft

In these walls, we take elements from the Earth and use both ancient and modern metalsmithing techniques to melt them together and turn them into the most exclusive jewelry for our clients. We pour gold by hand. We use lasers to set stones and carve metal. We create shapes using hammers and anvils. We do not manufacture or use casts and molds. Every piece made is created by the hands of a single master jeweler. It’s this simple dedication to craftsmanship that heightens the intimacy and experience of our work.

Take As Little From The Earth As Possible

Historically, Todd Reed has not adhered to industry standards of “beauty” and has always seen value in materials that are deemed unusable by some. Because of this, our luxury designs are made using raw, upcycled and recycled materials and stones.

All materials are hand-selected to ensure the highest quality product is used. Any purchased gold is guaranteed recycled by the company we source it from. Further, we have developed an in-house manufacturing process that allows us to upcycle and turn scrap into clean and usable gold. Instead of discarding older metals and sending them out for reprocessing, we process them ourselves or use materials in their natural state. This allows us to take as little from the Earth as possible and offer our clients the unique opportunity to repurpose their older jewelry into new designs.

We apply the same methodical approach to purchasing our stones and gems, which are ethically sourced, and conflict-free. Todd Reed has worked with a 6th generation diamond importing company for almost 30 years. This company uses the highest industry standards and provides diamonds that are 100% natural and sourced from Kimberley compliant countries from around the world.