Why Rose Gold is Used By Luxury Jewelry Designers

Why Rose Gold is Used By Luxury Jewelry Designers

Why Choose Rose Gold?

Gold jewelry is anything but monochromatic, available in white, amber, and green. Among all of these colors, rose gold stands out for its especially strong symbolic value, beautiful hue, and unique properties. 

Rose gold has an inherent romanticism. Traditionally, white gold represents friendship, yellow gold represents fidelity, and rose gold represents intimacy and love. Rose gold can be the most affectionate, and emphasises love as the central element in a relationship, making it a modern choice, fitting perfectly for those who break convention and stand out. 

If you’re looking for a beautiful nontraditional ring to express your love, rose gold is a wonderful option. 

What is Rose Gold?

Gold in its purest form is very malleable. This softness makes gold the precious metal of choice for electromechanical engineering, but also makes it quite challenging to make jewelry with. Other metals can be added to strengthen pure gold, making it more ideal for use in adornments. 

Rose gold is made by combining pure 24 karat gold with copper and a little amount of silver under very high temperatures. The copper gives the metal its trademark color and increases its strength. The silver is often added to help brighten the deep red copper. A more copper-heavy alloy will have a more prominent rosy tone, and more silver helps to illuminate the pink. This recipe boasts beautiful variations, appearing in subtle warm gold, carnation pink, light apricot, and more. 

    • 18K Rose Gold: 75% gold and 22.5% copper, 2.75% silver

There is no such thing as “pure” rose gold. With this in mind, it’s relatively simple to figure out if rose gold is real. Keep an eye out for the hallmark, where a mark for karat weight may be located. As there is no such thing as 24K rose gold, if the metal is marked 24K, it is most likely an imposter.  

The Benefits of Rose Gold

Rose gold is low maintenance, versatile, valuable, and fashionable. 

Rose gold ages beautifully. Over the years, the metal becomes more reddish in appearance, which gives rose gold a vintage appeal over time. Rose gold is perfect for a bridal piece that you want to last forever, with great potential to be an heirloom someday. 

In fact, the patina on antique rose gold actually increases its value, as it has developed over 100 years or more. Todd Reed’s vision and ethos of the brand has always believed that one should never polish away the character of a piece. 

Rose gold is low maintenance and Its durability protects the piece from discoloration, bending, or chipping. Those who invest in a rose gold piece will not need to come in for cleanings nearly as often. 

It is extremely versatile, working wonderfully with many types of jewelry, and is flattering on all skin tones.

As for its fashionability, rose gold has a special flexibility. It can be dressed up or down effortlessly. The color communicates both elegance and comfort. In recent years, the color has shed its gender, and is considered androgynous. Todd Reed jewelry embraces this androgyny, with a uniquely raw, intimate, and elegant aesthetic.

Though copper allergies are rare, it is very important to remember that copper can cause reactions in some people, so please make sure you or your loved one are not allergic to copper before purchasing rose gold jewelry. “Scratch” or “patch” tests are available to test for sensitivity.

At Todd Reed, we love rose gold — its versatility, gorgeous variations, symbolic value, nuance, and natural composure are extraordinary. Many shades of rose gold can be found in our luxury jewelry, alongside beautiful raw diamonds and a variety of other complementary metals. If you are looking for a rose gold piece with a unique design, Todd Reed offers a variety of engagement rings, bracelets, necklaces and more. 

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