What makes an Emerald the star in luxury bespoke jewelry?

Emerald Diamond Jewelry Todd Reed

Emeralds have been considered one of the most desirable and valuable stones for the past 5,000 years, some say they are more valuable than diamonds. Ancient civilizations in Africa, Asia, and South America discovered the stone independently and each held the gemstone in high esteem. These beautiful green stones are used throughout history in some of the most iconic jewelry, they were especially popular during the Art Deco era. Emeralds are appreciated not only for their color, but for their inclusions; these are often considered flaws when seen in diamonds and other types of gems.

Green is a calming color that Todd has always been drawn to, it’s a color seen throughout nature, but feels extra special when seen in gemstones. Several of his latest designs, inspired by the Art Deco era, feature this incredible gem. As he always does, he began the process of creating this series of one-of-a-kind earrings by connecting with the stones.

Emerald Diamond Jewelry Todd Reed

Todd’s designs create a dialogue between the stones and the metal, seeing the sketches come to life in the shop is such an exciting thing to watch. This process is rooted in connection thus forging self-expression and artistic excellence into one exquisite piece of jewelry to be worn for a lifetime.

Below are some behind the scenes shots of the earrings being crafted, it’s always a collaboration. Master goldsmiths Ashley and Brenna both had a hand in crafting these while working closely with Todd to achieve his vision.

Emerald Jewelry

Todd paired the emeralds with bright yellow gold and diamonds. Each pair of earrings in this recent series showcases the beauty of the stone and adds interesting movement and design elements. If you didn’t love emeralds or the color green before, these earrings may change your mind, they are truly unique and timeless statements!

Emerald Diamond Jewelry Todd Reed

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