We Believe in Honoring Mother Nature

Mother Nature


Our Friend Paul Jolly from Earthworks stopped by the Todd Reed Studio to let us know the latest on their No Dirty Gold 2017 campaign plan.

No Dirty Gold is an industry-wide movement committed to sourcing precious metals under the highest social, human rights and environmental standards. No Dirty Gold is a commitment to the earth.

No Dirty GoldNo Dirty Gold is not calling for a boycott of gold. We are demanding changes in the way that metals are extracted and produced – all too often at the expense of communities, workers, and the environment. We are demanding alternatives to “dirty” – or irresponsibly produced – metals.”

Earthworks, the parent of No Dirty Gold, has a long track record of stopping and preventing environmentally destructive mines from being built. Read more at nodirtygold.earthworksaction.org


How does Todd Reed uphold these values? First, we are not only committed to the values of No Dirty Gold, but we go a step further: all of our precious metals are recycled, and our diamonds are sustainably sourced.

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