Walking the Camino for Christian

Walking the Camino


Ted Reed, Todd’s father, set foot on his 600 mile journey on September 6th. He’s walking the Camino de Santiago for his friend Christian DeRiemer who suffers from a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy. His walk offers anyone interested an opportunity to participate by donating – the funds directly benefit the Christian DeRiemer Third-Party Special Needs Trust.

Ted Reed Camino de Santiago

Christian’s mother passed away after a long battle with cancer in March of 2015. In the days before she passed, she asked Ted and other close friends to help insure that Christian was provided for. As Ted walks he will be spreading the ashes of Christian’s mother, Karen.

To learn more about his journey visit the blog, which Todd’s mom, Carla, will be updating throughout Ted’s walk. To donate, click here.

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