Todd Reed Showroom introduces fragrance Un Jeu D'Échecs

Todd Reed Showroom introduces fragrance Un Jeu D'Échecs

The Todd Reed showroom is delighted to present Un Jeu D'Échecs, a natural fine fragrance from Pangea Organics founder, Joshua Scott Onysko.

Onysko is known as a cultivator of one-of-a-kind, natural products and for his innovative packaging containing plantable seeds. His beauty products are green and ethical, presented with a distinctly cosmopolitan aesthetic. Un Jeu D'Échecs perfume is his most recent venture. 

The seven fragrances — Smoked Rose, Marrakesh, Ofuro, Oakmoss, Naked, Cuddle, and Haitian Vetiver — are certified organic, environmentally sustainable, and entirely free of synthetic ingredients. All are available in our Boulder showroom. 

Un Jeu D'Échecs fragrance and Todd Reed jewelry are complementary, drawing from a strong fine art foundation, ethically sourced raw materials, and the disruption of conventions. The showroom has curated a selection of analogous Todd Reed jewelry and Un Jeu D'Échecs fragrances in order to showcase this dyad. 

Oakmoss Fragrance | Emerald Earrings
Frankincense / Bergamot / Oakmoss / Jasmine / Cedar / Vetiver / Vanilla / Rosemary / Basil

  • Fragrance Elements: Pale green fern, symbiotic relationships in nature, garden like essence, clean like soap, sweet peas 
  • Emerald Earrings: Dangle earrings with white brilliant cut diamonds and emeralds in 18k yellow gold

  • The green of the emeralds parallels the Oakmoss tones. The clarity of the gemstones reminds us of the clean, crisp, sweet pea scent. The earrings feature a balanced relationship between juxtaposing forms, much like the symbiosis required for oakmoss to thrive in the wild. Like the scent, the earrings are striking, but delicate. 

Cuddle Fragrance | Gold and Silver Band with Black Diamonds
Tobacco / Pepper / Cocoa / Clove / Lavender / Fir / Vetiver / Sandalwood / Frankincense

  • Fragrance Elements: Intense, ‘one-ness’, a little spicy and tickles the nose, smoky, strong, yellow in hue
  • Gold and Silver Band: Men's band with black brilliant cut diamonds in 22k yellow gold and sterling silver with patina

  • This pairing is smokey and audacious, presenting a picture-perfect snapshot of real heat. The yellow gold and sterling silver texture of the band appears hot, reminding us of the smoky scent of Cuddle. The black diamonds emulate the perfume’s spicy flecks of pepper. Like Cuddle, the ring is buttery golden in color. 

Ofuro and Pearl Fragrance | Black Diamond and Pearl Station Necklace
Bitter Orange / Star Anise / Black Pepper / Cedarwood
  • Fragrance Elements: Licorice, sweet smelling, almost saccharine. Light, light cream. Spicy and warm
  • Pearl Station Necklace: Station necklace with white brilliant cut diamonds, black brilliant cut diamonds, and a golden south sea pearl in 18k yellow gold and sterling silver. 

  • The gold hues of this station necklace reflect the color of Ofuro. The shape of the south sea pearl is sheathed and podlike, evoking images of a lush forest floor. The sharpness of the 3D diamond reminds us of Ofuro’s bitter orange bite. Tiny black diamonds simulate the perfume’s black pepper. Like the scent of Ofuro, the necklace is irregular but balanced

Naked Fragrance | Leather Wrap Bracelet with Diamonds
Black Pepper / Grapefruit / Star Anise / Lavender / Sandalwood / Nutmeg / Vetiver
  • Fragrance Elements: Clear with slight greenish tint and creamy body, sweet and light, lavender tones, spice and citrus 
  • Leather Wrap Bracelet: Black leather wrap bracelet with colored brilliant cut diamonds and a raw diamond cube in sterling silver with patina

  • The layering of this wrap bracelet reminds us of the complexity of Naked. The lilac tint of the raw diamonds echo the gentle lavender scent. Like Naked, the wrap is busy and somewhat surprising. Both are divergent, while simultaneously professional and clean. 

Marrakesh Fragrance | Yellow Gold Earrings with White Diamonds
Bergamot / Amyris / Jasmine / Cedar / Vanilla
  • Fragrance Elements: Canary yellow, extreme floral, straightforward 
  • Gold Earrings: Earrings with white brilliant cut diamonds in 18k yellow gold.

  • Like Marrakesh, these dangle earrings are distinctly organic. The perfume and jewelry draw from lush greenery, celebrating natural forms as they are. Both are straightforward and harmonious. Aesthetically, the jewelry and fragrance are decorative, ornate, and delicate. 

Haitian Vetiver Fragrance | Raw Diamond Ring 
Grapefruit / Nutmeg / Tonka / Vetiver / Cedar / Elemi / Lavender / Black Pepper / Cardamom

  • Fragrance Elements: Light cream color, acidic grapefruit, sweet, peppery, citrus and spice
  • Raw Diamond Ring: Ring with a round brilliant cut diamond and two rough diamonds in 18k yellow gold.

  • This ring features two dark rough diamonds packed like black pepper. Tough, citrine. The facets mimic the organic shape. The curve and hue of the round diamond resembles the grapefruit in Haitian Vetiver - both are the dominant element. 

Smoked Rose Fragrance | Rose Gold Leather Bracelet 
Rose / Smoke / Palo Santo / Cumin
  • Fragrance Elements: A man’s masculinity hanging on by a tendril, light pale pink, like licorice, a subtle, almost undetectable cumin undertone
  • Rode Gold Bracelet: Brown leather bracelet with 18k rose gold buckle

  • A gentle pink rose gold adorns a masculine shape. Both the bracelet and fragrance juxtapose heavily gendered elements — comparing soft rose gold with tough leather, and earthy palo santo with fragrant rose. 

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