Taste of Pace

Taste of Pace Hors D'oeuvres


Looking for a caterer in the Los Angeles area? Taste of Pace is one of our favorites. Not only is the food they make delicious, but they love community and bringing people together. Their mantra is “Love people + cook them tasty food.” Taste of Pace focuses on using the freshest ingredients that are also locally grown and sustainable. (photo credit: Scott Clark)

The founder of Taste of Pace, Pace Webb, answered a few questions for me.

Favorite meal to prepare?
Roasted veggies of any kind! My favorite summertime obsession is baking leftover polenta triangles from when we make polenta, harissa, feta, basil triangles.

Favorite meal to eat?
A giant plate of veggies (like above) or a french feast. There’s nothing more rewarding than working really hard and being really hungry and showering (maybe) to go to an indulgent French meal with champagne, escargot, steak tartare and frites! My body and soul just love it!

What do you love about the Venice community?
I love that it’s progressive, but laid back! So many innovators in one little pocket.

Favorite design by Todd Reed?
A stack of like 4-5 bands. I love the stack.

Todd Reed bracelets

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