Signature Style and Inspiration

Signature Style and Inspiration

Recently Todd took to Instagram to answer your questions! Many of you were wondering about Todd’s signature style and inspiration, so we wanted to share a few here. If you have questions that we haven't answered, feel free to leave a comment below, send us a message on Instragram or email us.

When did you or how did you decide on your own style?

I had my own style from the beginning. I did not know any other jewelers when I started, the internet was not a thing and I had not yet seen any magazines. My inspirations were like plates of food and Native American work I had seen. It was easy to just make what I wanted without any outside influence.

How has your style or preferences changed over the years and what metals/styles/themes do you feel drawn to now?

I am using the same materials now as I did at the beginning but I just have gotten better at understanding the materials and gotten better at fabricating and executing Designs.

Now having developed a signature style, do you feel restrained by it at all?

I do not feel restrained as about 60% of my work is custom for clients. Also in my production I am focused on one-of-a-kind designs - I never get bored of designing.

What other creative outlets do you have?

I have many creative outlets and somehow still feel like I want to create more - not sure what’s wrong with me! I paint and draw and sculpt and dance and make crafts in glass and concrete and wood and apply creative solutions and design to everything I do. I am passionate about cooking but ultra passionate about baking and decorating.

What is one of the most important lessons you learned during your journey in becoming a renowned jeweler and businessman?

To follow my intuition and trust my passion.

Do you find inspiration when you’re alone? Out of office

Hmmmn, good question. I tend to feel inspiration at any time. Like at the airport, or during a conversation, but mostly when I’m feeling very in love and my eyes are sparkling with passion.

What has inspired you deeply?

Deep Love and deep suffering.

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