Sasha & Brian

Sasha & Brian


Brian worked closely with one of our sales associates, Miranda, to surprise his fiancée with her dream ring. He shares their beautiful story below.

Sasha and I met in 2008. She was a student at Mass Art and I was her real estate broker. We had a blast working to find her an apartment together. Once she moved in, we lost touch and the following semester I sent her a holiday card thanking her for working together. She took the cue and we quickly experienced the early beginnings of our friendship. What I initially loved about Sasha was her passion for creativity, raw honesty, and inability to take no for an answer. We bonded over our travel stories, skiing, and countless hours in her studio space. Sasha and I discovered an unmistakable bond and helped each other through precarious personal challenges and growth opportunities. Despite our remarkable connection, we never really discussed dating. I will be the first to admit that Sasha made the first move.
Fast forward through her graduation, moving in together, starting a real estate office from scratch, and creating a jewelry business. Pressures caused us to separate and take time to really find ourselves. We found the time apart was an incubator for us both to realize how much of a perfect match we truly are. I now get to cherish and savor that notion every single day. She’s my best friend, my ski buddy, my true inspiration, keeping me grounded and fulfilled with a simple crack of her smile.”

Why did you choose to purchase your rings from Todd Reed?
Faced with the ultimate challenge; finding a perfect ring for a professional metalsmith, the bar was set very very high. I thought I knew what needed to be done, I just was clueless on how to pull it all off.
Sasha is very close with a handful of jewelry designers here in Boston and I figured I would collaborate with some of them to make the ‘perfect ring.’ Not too over the top. Not conflicting with her jewelry line. Special. Timeless. Elegant. And durable as hell.
The plan was entirely thwarted when casually sitting with one of Sasha’s best friends and bench assistant in her studio. Vinnie got to talking about his dream engagement ring and mentioned Todd Reed. Sasha slammed down her tools, immediately popped up from her work (which typically takes dynamite to distract her) and started ranting on and on about how amazing Todd Reed’s work is and what it would be like to someday meet him. I took note.
Fast forward to a few months later, Sasha and I were planning our trip to fly out to Colorado for one of her jewelry events. I took the opportunity to reach out to the amazing staff at Todd Reed to share our story and make an unreasonable request to have a personal meeting with Todd. I knew if Todd took the meeting, it would be an amazing opportunity for Sasha and double as the perfect diversion. Operation: Design Perfect Ring was in effect and Todd was in on the whole thing. Best, Sasha was clueless.

Todd Reed engagement ring

How did you propose?
Vermont has always been a special place for Sasha and I. Our first trip together was to her parent’s Vermont ski haus. What we love about Vermont is the community there. The abundance of art. Fresh and local foods. And of course, some of the best skiing terrain in the country. I proposed to Sasha at sunrise on the summit of Mad River Glen. We were a day into our first overnight hike together on a small section of the Long Trail, America’s oldest long distance hiking trail. We plan to get hitched in Vermont and if you ever have trouble finding us, we suggest you take a peak in the glades.

Vermont landscapeVermont ski lift

Sasha engagement ring Vermont

When Brian sent me his story he wanted to include a special shout-out to Miranda for all of her help – he had an amazing experience working with her.
Congratulations to Brian and Sasha!

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