Sandra, Greg & Alina

Sandra, Greg &Alina


Three years ago, while on vacation with our then five year old, Alina, Greg proposed to me on a beach in the Outerbanks. After sneaking in as quick a moment from said five year old and a comical, “Yes”, Greg laid out his plan to take me to Todd Reed in Boulder to find my engagement ring together. A little get away, just the two of us, to celebrate and seal this initial step into wedlock. Since first seeing Todd Reed’s work about twelve years ago, I only imagined a wedding ring made by this extraordinary artist. I see his creations seeped with beauty, love and respect for the elements that bring life into each piece.
Three years later, as Greg put it, “if Mohammad can’t go to the mountain, let’s bring the mountain to Mohammad”, we walked into Todd Reed in Venice.
From the moment we stepped into this magical jewel box, Greg and I were surrounded and filled with joy, happiness and excitement. Sarah assisted us with so much care and attention to find the “perfect engagement ring”, which includes two magnificent wedding bands to make a stacked trio. Days later, with a bottle of champagne, compliments of Sarah and Todd Reed, under the stars, along the beach from across the country where Greg proposed, we celebrated our ten-year anniversary with my ring, encased in its velvet satchel, under my overturned coffee cup, waiting for me to find at the end of dinner that night. We will forever remember how it got there and where it came from. Thank you, Todd Reed.

Thank You Todd Reed

Thank you note from Alina, for Sarah.

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