Pretty/Dirty at MCA Denver

Pretty/Dirty MCA Exhibit


Just before of the end of MCA’s Pretty/Dirty exhibition I was able to attend. Marilyn Minter’s work blurs the line between painting and photography – it’s very stunning.
The exhibition explores in detail the myriad image choices Minter has made as a painter and photographer, the evolution of her style and technique, and her mode of production, including her organization of an unusual studio of assistants trained to create hyper-real, sometimes dizzyingly painted surfaces. Pretty/Dirty illustrates Minter’s progress from a curious youth looking critically at the domestic landscape before her to the media-savvy cultural producer whose images simultaneously define and critique our times.

See more of Marilyn Minter’s work here.

Pretty/Dirty MCA ExhibitPretty/Dirty MCA ExhibitPretty/Dirty MCA Exhibit

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