New York City Adventures

NYC Skyline


Last week I traveled to the East Coast, which I am always glad to do, for several press appointments.

One of my favorite parts of meeting with jewelry editors is looking at what jewelry they are wearing, I mean, let’s face it, I’m jewelry obsessed – not just about Todd’s designs, but many brands – especially the classic, iconic designers.

Lalalounis earrings

Stellene Volandes from Town & Country (one of the most respected jewelry editors) was wearing these Lalalounis earrings. She mentioned that the textures reminded her of Todd’s work which I will be exploring in a later post.

W officeLucky officeVogue office

I really enjoyed getting a glimpse into the offices of magazines that I love. The energy on the streets and in the offices was contagious. As I was walking the streets and the halls I thought about all the amazing people in the building and was on the look-out for well-known faces.

At Vogue I saw Anna Wintour getting on an elevator and was slightly star struck – she was wearing an a-line floral dress, pointed toe pumps and her hair was perfection, of course.

It was very exciting to see the racks of clothes and accessories lying on tables for upcoming shoots.


In between my meetings I made a point of visiting Bergdorf Goodman to look at their windows – which are always fabulous.

Overall, the trip East was inspiring – the people, sights and all of the luxury!

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