New Window Displays: In Full ‘Blome’

Todd Reed window display


Our new window displays are up and we are so pleased with the outcome!

Todd Reed flower window display

Todd and Miranda worked together to conceptualize the new display, and with some help from the very talented Sarah Blome (pronounced ‘Bloom’) of Blome’s Paperie they were able to bring this handmade display to life.

Todd Reed flower window display

Sarah Blome is a multifaceted artist who is best known for creating these beautiful one-of-a-kind paper flowers. She showcases them in a variety of settings ranging from weddings big or small, special events, home installations, you name it.

Todd Reed flower window display

Miranda and I sat down to discuss the new installation. She says, “I am so grateful to Sarah Blome for making such beautiful flowers. It’s been such a joy arranging them.

Miranda explains, “I wanted to have [the display] be all one color but full of textures. Todd and I thought that white would be very crisp and fresh for hot summer days, like white linens blowing in the breeze.

For more information about these handmade flowers, please visit the Blome’s Paperie website:


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