Monique & Matt

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Monique shares her Todd Reed story below. Congrats to her and Matt on their recent wedding!
Matt and I met while I was in medical school in Reno, Nevada. He lived in Tahoe as a ski bum, and I was looking for someone to share the outdoors and go on adventures with when I wasn’t consumed by school. We actually met online (OkCupid, ha I know!), but our relationship quickly took off. We
moved to Denver together 2 years ago and just got married in June in Idaho, where I grew up.
I actually had a good friend of mine who found Todd Reed first! I loved her engagement ring, so when it came to thinking about rings, I knew exactly
where to look first. Matt surprised me by taking me to his store, where I found a few styles I liked. However, when it came to the final product, it was all Matt! Todd did an amazing job integrating a family stone with his unique style… I am absolutely obsessed with it!
I love Boulder, Denver, and Colorado for the outdoors and laid-back vibe. It is great to be close to beautiful mountains where you can hike, bike, climb, and then come home the same evening and have access to amazing restaurants, bars, and live music. There is always something to do, and never a dull moment!
Todd Reed ring

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