Looking Back


Todd’s designs are brought to life by quality craftsmanship. Not a single aspect of any design is overlooked; whether it’s the weight of the piece, the stone placement, the textured finish, or even the back of the piece. To us, the back of the piece is just as important as the front of the piece – even though it may not always be visible or noticeable at first glace.
Here’s a look at our favorite pieces that are beautiful from the front and the back!

Todd Reed favorite pieces - cuffTodd Reed favorite pieces - cuff

In this piece, the gold bezels of each diamond rest gently against one another, allowing light to stream through the gaps. We love the use of negative space in this one-of-a-kind cuff.


Todd Reed favorite pieces - men's bandTodd Reed favorite pieces - men's band

The front of this men’s band has 8 polished cubes set in 18ky gold, and a single polished cube on the opposite side. This ring can be worn with the polished cubes facing either direction.


Todd Reed favorite pieces - braceletTodd Reed favorite pieces - bracelet

This bracelet was a true labor of love. Each bezel had to be carefully hand drilled and ball riveted to create the controlled movement of each stone. The final outcome is intricate and elegant in every direction.


Todd Reed favorite pieces - earringsTodd Reed favorite pieces - earrings

These statement earrings use the same process and are equally beautiful from the front and back. When worn, they hang below the ear allowing light to stream through, creating an elegant glow.


Todd Reed favorite pieces - chain necklaceTodd Reed favorite pieces - chain necklace

This is one of our favorite reversible designs. Autumn brilliants and rose cut diamonds dance across the back of each bezel making this station chain necklace a versatile, everyday piece.
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