Lauren & Mike

Lauren & Mike


Lauren’s Todd Reed story starts when Steve Quick Jeweler in Chicago, her sister’s stores, picked up our line. Her boyfriend at the time, Mike, surprised her with her first Todd Reed piece, a wide band. A fan of the brand ever since (and I don’t use the word fan lightly), Lauren is perhaps the biggest Todd Reed fan that I’ve ever met. About a year later he proposed with a Todd Reed ring in a very sweet way – a series of photo booth images of Mike and her son Hank.

This past June, Lauren and Mike got married. They had a beautiful backyard ceremony and Lauren wore a stunning pair of octahedron earrings. Not only that, but Mike surprised her with a custom necklace. Their first date was July 4th, so there are seven stones, the fourth being a ruby to represent 7/4.

Todd Reed custom necklace

In Lauren’s words, “I love that every piece is hand fabricated- I think I was initially drawn to that aspect in the beginning. The idea that my ring is a singular piece that someone in your studio hand fabricated absolutely drew me in, as an artist. As for Mikey, who is an architect, he was drawn in by the clean lines- it is both architectural and has an industrial feel- the finish isn’t pristine and shiny and I think he really loved that. And I truly love that it just doesn’t look like everything else. Working in the industry you just see the same thing over and over and over… This is different & interesting & beautiful-I love that you know a Todd Reed piece when you see it- there is no doubt about it. Todd Reed is Todd Reed.

More photos from their beautiful ceremony below:

Lauren & MikeLauren & MikeLauren & MikeLauren & MikeLauren & MikeLauren & MikeLauren & Mike