Into the ‘Void’

Into the ‘Void’


Not only is this breathtaking cuff one of Todd’s most recent designs, it is also unlike anything that we have ever made before in the studio. This one-of-a-kind Palladium cuff features an array of uniquely faceted diamonds that have been strategically placed along the rim in order to create its angular effect. Jared was our jeweler for this project and spent a total of 48 hours to complete it.

Jared recalls the process as being one of the most enjoyable pieces that he has worked on thus far. This is largely in part because of how unique the diamonds were to work with. Jared states, “The facet of these stones contributed largely to the design of the cuff itself.” Jared also recalls that the large cut-out section from the cuff required extra considerations to be made in regards to the structure of the piece. For instance, the connecting part of the cutout segment had to be reinforced for durability, and also because of the cuff’s width, the back segment had to be flared out for comfort.

The most interesting part of this design is the ‘void’ that is missing in the cuff,” Jared mentioned. ”And also that I used the entire lot of diamonds in the entire cuff. All from one specimen.

Because this piece was so unbelievably unique, we have reason to believe that this cuff is a foreshadow of what’s to come from the Todd Reed Studio this season!

Todd Reed cuff designTodd Reed cuff designTodd Reed cuff finished product

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