Handcrafted Ornaments

Handcrafted ornament


Each year we have a company-wide secret Santa – the catch is that you have to make the gift. We have so many creative people in our office, it’s so fun to see what everyone creates. This year our jewelers also each made Todd an ornament. The idea came from Crista who was making ornaments as gifts for her own family and thought it would be fun to make one for Todd, but also thought her fellow jewelers would want to join in as well. Below are photos of each of their designs.

Hand-beaded by Crista.

handbeaded ornament


Linda made this from old nails – she wanted to give new life to something old. Ornament from old nails


By Jared.

ornament by Jared


Mathieu created an ornament in the shape of our brand symbol.

ornament in shape of brand symbol


A comical creation by Ashley.

chicken ornament


By Shannon.

circular ornament


Aaron made a small version of Todd’s favorite hammer.

hammer ornament


By Chapin.

leaf ornament


Tod was inspired by icicles.

icicle ornament


By Laura

shell ornament


Josh was inspired by Todd’s love for forging.

forged ornament


Caitlin wanted to make a traditional style ornament.

traditional ornament


By Andi.

white ornament


By Kurt

jellyfish ornament


By Allison

car ornament


By Louis

gold ornament

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