Gold That Has Been Bent

Gold That Has Been Bent

It is difficult to argue against the notion that good design has an enigmatic simplicity. That being said, when artist-jeweler Todd Reed remarks on his latest work as simply being “gold that has been bent in the corner”, one could easily miss the point.

To fully understand Todd’s intentions here, one must first view the new series of work that the artist has been releasing over the last few months. To date, he has released a series of earrings, rings, a necklace, and soon a bracelet—all of which are thematically connected by thin limbs of 18k gold and the minimal placement
of white brilliant diamonds.

This series is an exploration of patterns and shapes, which Todd notes are echoed throughout human history and design. One could liken these designs to many different references: chandeliers, celestial objects, art nouveau, ancient Mesopotamia, a spider crawling up the wall, etc. There is a familiar poetic motion to each piece that eludes a direct reference.

The emotion behind this series is evident. Every piece, with its delicate spindles peppered with an array of tiny white brilliants, is a statement on intimacy and was specifically built to look and hang beautifully on a woman.

This series is available for purchase online or through our Showroom.

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