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Gorman Jewelers


In 1981, I. Gorman Jewelers got its start with the idea of offering exceptional jewelry designs with impeccable service in a warm, inviting atmosphere. Today, this idea still holds true and is carried through by the next generation, Adam and Nicole Gorman. We are lucky to have a staff that holds our same core values and treats every customer and vendor with the utmost respect and integrity.

Todd Reed necklace

We pride ourselves in curating pieces that are true pieces of art. Presenting modern collections is a nice treat for Washington DC, where traditional roots crave that sense of artistry. Located in the business district of the city, there is a breadth of freshness when entering the store from the hustle of the work day. I. Gorman is a place where you can slow down to appreciate unique jewelry.

DC is becoming one of the top foodie cities in the nation. We continue to have some amazing cuisine by some of the worlds most renowned chefs popping up around town. One of our favorite neighborhood restaurants is Rasika. The modern atmosphere is a perfect contrast to the traditional taste of India. Simply mouth-watering!

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When going to these restaurants, one always wants to look their best. Wearing a Todd Reed piece of jewelry is the easiest way to do just that. My favorite piece right now is this pendant made of multi-colored marquise diamonds. Now that’s flower-power!

Todd Reed necklace

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