From a Jeweler’s Perspective: Jared


One of our recent custom pieces turned out so beautifully that we wanted to shed some light on it from a jewelers perspective. Here are a few quick words that Jared had to say about the process of creation, and why he particularly enjoyed making this one of a kind cuff.

When asked, “What stood out to you about the process of creating this piece?” Jared replied, “Well, it was a really fun piece to make. One particular aspect that stands out to me was how I had to bend each one of the pear-shaped pieces to precisely match the curvature of the wrist. Once the pieces were bent into shape, I then soldered them on to the cuff itself. This piece was especially neat to create because I was working with a diamond that had been carefully selected by the customer, and because of this diamond’s interesting shape, I had to work on the cuff by building it from the inside out. Overall, I really enjoyed the process and I am quite happy with its turnout.

Check out our photos from Jared’s progression below:

Todd Reed cuff design

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