For Future Reference Interview

Last week Todd was interviewed by a new jewelry blog called For Future Reference. Here is part of the interview, but visit their site to see the rest!
Top 5 bands in your playlist – go!
Currently: Damien Rice, Bob Marley, Iron & Wine, Neil Young and Maroon 5.

You’re having guests for the weekend. What’s your signature dish that you cook?
I go rogue, whatever is fresh. Of the moment, I love breakfast treats though. Small gluten free pancakes with local apple compote and sweet cream is a tasty starter.

Be honest – who’s your celebrity crush?
I would not mind spending time with Zooey Deschanel.

What’s your dream watch to own?
Something calm and classy from IWC Schaffhausen.

What’s your favorite piece of technology and why?
My cell phone is my least and most favorite. The reason for both is that is makes me feel connected.

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