Establishing Community

Establishing Community

This year we started a new project that we are excited about! It's called the Salon Series. These are monthly discussions at our Boulder Studio featuring interesting community members sharing about their expertise and passions. The goal of these events is about community building. We live and work in the heart of Boulder, Colorado, a city with a strong contribution of creatives, entrepreneurs and innovators. We wanted to provide a platform for people to share the change they have been creating.

Creating community is important to Todd for several reasons. He explains, “I feel there is safety in community. When I feel safe my creativity is expansive, I think that creativity connects people. So community is safe and expansive and creative. So I wanted to cultivate that spirit.”

Our past Salon Events have included Cory Richards, an adventurous photographer, Florence Williams of Nature Fix, Romain Vakilitabar, the founder of Pathos Labs and Travis Metcalfe, an astronomer.

Each discussion is informative, intimate and has brought our community together. Keep an eye on our social media for future discussions, we'd love for you to join us!

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