Ellie & Jeff

Todd Reed wedding bands

We absolutely love when our clients want to share their love story and their connection with Todd Reed jewelry.  Ellie and Jeff were married last year and shared some of their gorgeous photos with us!  All photos taken by Courtney Anne Photography.

Ellie & Jeff

“Jeff and I met September 2006. We both needed jobs (I had just started Paul Mitchell beauty school and he had been laid off from Intel) and we got hired on at Linens and Things. We worked for about a week without meeting each other, and then on a Saturday night shift Jeff asked me to get him a band aid. We spent our 15min break together and made plans to hang out that night. I was 18 and he was 20 years old. We decided to go to a house party near my house (since I had no clue who this guy was!) and had a great time. We have never been apart since that night. 10 years later we got married in my families back yard surrounded by our amazing and supportive family and friends.

I work in El Dorado Hills and a beautiful shop across the street sells Todd Reed jewels (Talisman Collection). I was window shopping with a coworker when I saw my ring for the first time. I immediately tried it on and took a million pictures. The owner of Talisman took photos as well and we both decided I needed this ring. To plenty of eye rolls from Jeff and years of “reminding” him where my dream ring was, we were finally ready to start our new chapter. We got my engagement and wedding band the same night. I would sometimes try the wedding band on and wear it around the house before it was actually mine. I couldn’t help it! Jeff fell in love with Todd’s designs as well and with him being in the automobile industry we knew just the right kind. Palladium is so beautiful and is extremely sturdy! Perfect for the two of us who are always working with our hands.

Todd Reed rings
We couldn’t be happier with our one-of-a-kind jewelry from Todd Reed and we know they will be passed on from generation to generation!  When we were on our honeymoon in Kauai there was a woman from Colorado selling jewelry who immediately knew we were both wearing Todd Reed jewels… we of course loved the attention on our new bands!
I look forward to stacking my bands in the future!! (With plenty of eye rolls from Jeff along the way!)  Thanks for everything!”

Todd Reed Wedding Bands

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