Earth Day

Todd Reed Earth Day


In recognition of Earth Day, here are some of the things we do as a socially responsible company.

Use of Recycled Metals: Our metals are sourced from Hoover and Strong’s Harmony Green Metals Program (all recycled metals). Our palladium is sourced from the Still Water Palladium mine in Montana. We also use sterling silver, platinum, and 18kt white gold in some work.

Use of Recycled Diamonds: We use recycled diamonds in our designs whenever possible. We also incorporate customer-owned diamonds into our designs when requested.

Responsible Diamond Sourcing: Our diamonds are purchased from a select group of reputable dealers who source our diamonds from various diamond-producing countries including Africa, Australia, Canada, India and the United States under the full Kimberly Certification Compliance process.

Sustainable Manufacturing: All of our jewelry is hand-made in our Boulder, CO and Venice, CA studios by our master jewelers who are compensated with a competitive wage and benefits package.

Offsetting Industry Impact: We are an avid supporter of the Diamond Development Initiative who specifically aims to make diamond mining an engine for development by supporting diamonds that are minded responsibly, safely, with respect for human rights, in conflict-free zones while providing fair prices to artisanal miners. We also support, the No Dirty Gold Campaign, Jewelers for Children and a number of other organizations that benefit our communities and seek to improve the overall impact of the jewelry industry on the environment and the community.

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