Diamonds are a Pearls Best Friend

Todd Reed pearl ring


Todd Reed’s latest design collection is guaranteed to strike a chord with pearl lovers around the world. There’s no denying that pearls are a staple for luxury, elegance and everything in between. With this new addition of Todd Reed Jewelry, the phrase ‘Raw Elegance’ is brought to new heights

Todd Reed pearl jewelry

Todd has been collecting Tahitian pearls for many years in anticipation of this new line.

Todd Reed pearl earrings

So often do people consider pearl jewelry to be more ‘traditional’ in style, however this line is nothing of the sort. Todd succeeds in completely transforming the way pearls are used in jewelry by creating a modernized and refreshing interpretation on pearl design.

Todd Reed pearl ring

“Todd Reed debuted his first-ever pearl line complete with Tahitians shown in exotic, partially metal-covered styles – as if the pearls were dipped in molten white metals and air-dried into finished pieces, with lustrous sections peeking through. It had the signature Reed aesthetic of textured metals and could easily mix with any of his rough-diamond numbers.”
– Jennifer Heebner, Senior Editor JCK Magazine

Todd Reed pearl cuff


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