Cartier in the 20th Century

Cartier in the 20th Century


We are lucky to have an amazing art museum close by. Currently the Denver Art Museum has an exclusive exhibit featuring the legacy brand, Cartier. This past weekend I went to learn more about the brand and their designs.

Cartier displayCartier display

Our process and Cartier’s are similar. They start with the stones and then create the sketch, from there the sketch is brought to the jewelers. Cartier was the go-to design house in the early to mid 1900s – clients would bring in their stones to have made into a statement piece. Cartier worked closely with clients to create the design – an amazing piece of this exhibit were the sketches with notes on them from famous clients, such as Elizabeth Taylor.

Cartier exhibit

Another piece of the exhibit that stood out to me was the large collection of men’s designs. Cartier was very conscious about wearable design for men. Although the brand was known for big, bold designs, when it came to men’s wrist watches, Cartier was thoughtful about how to make the watch unobtrusive and comfortable.

The exhibit runs through March and I highly recommend visiting.

Photos by Freesol Imagery

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