Brenna’s Ring…

Brenna's Ring by Todd Reed


When a jeweler gets engaged does she make her own ring?

We can’t speak for every jeweler out there, however we have a great story from our own studio.

It is a matter of daily course here at Todd Reed that custom engagement rings come through the studio to be built from the stone up, custom sized for the client. When Ashley began one job in particular, it was not out of the ordinary for her to ask her bench neighbor Brenna to “try on the ring” for sizing purposes.

Brenna Ring by Todd ReedLittle did Brenna know that her soon-to-be-fiance had commissioned Todd Reed to build their engagement band. And crafty Ashley found the perfect way to make sure Brenna was going to get the perfect fit.

“I look up to Ashley,” says Brenna, “and when she needed my help I was thrilled! I tried on the ring four or five times and I was utterly in the dark. I really had no clue the ring was for me.”

Brenna’s boyfriend popped the question this past December while the couple was visiting their home state of Maryland. How surprised she was when the ring presented was a Todd Reed–and built by one of her own colleagues.

Congratulations to Brenna and Cody!


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