Boulder Showroom Re-Do

Boulder Showroom


Today’s retail consumer demands more than just a space to shop in. She wants experiences, highly personalized attention, aesthetics, and indulgence. Todd Reed is driven to respond to his customer’s needs in all his designs – which includes the design of his showroom. The core element of the redesign is a series of circular pods that answer these needs with intimacy, mobility, and beauty. Each pod has a center display space that rotates like a lazy Susan, enabling sales associates to easily access everything in the case. The pods can be raised to standing height for parties and events, and can be moved around to create flexible, intimate settings. The showroom design allows the sales staff to wrap the buying experience around each customer, rather than moving the customer around from case to case within the store.

As Todd explains, “I was most inspired to create another layer of intimacy in the sales process. These new pods create individual attention and completely customized level of service. I have always strived to achieve this, but was unable with the traditional layout of most stores. We had to be creative to do this and once again pulled in Tres Birds Workshop for the job. I am very excited to launch this new style of retail in our flagship showroom in Boulder.
Boulder Showroom

Each POD is self-sufficient with its own independent (no connection to studio electric system) LED lighting and ‘invisible’ security system. Working again with Todd on this design was one of constant progression and always moving toward simplicity. To achieve simplicity of form, Tres Birds created a means and method of constructing the PODS that was both labor and process intensive. Each wooden top is constructed of 108 individual layers of various wood species. The process took three months of daily laminating, clamping, resin, and curing. The laminated wooden tops are finished with tree resins (juniper, pine) and bees wax. And all work was performed by Tres Birds in their Denver workshop.” -Mike Moore, Design Principal and Owner of Tres Birds Workshop

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