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Caroline Douglas


ICON Wrap Party Friday January 26th from 5-7

Caroline Douglas Cory Richards

Caroline ©Cory Richards

Todd Reed Cory Richards

Todd ©Cory Richards

Boulder icons Todd Reed and ceramicist Caroline Douglas are together yet again thanks to Art Movement Colorado. The ICON exhibition has been a huge success. Photographer Cory Richards has assembled a stellar collection of Boulder’s notable movers and shakers into a monumental exhibit. The wrap party will bring together Boulder’s best for the exhibition’s grand finale. (Special thanks to the Boulder Showroom’s very own Susan Knickle!). 

But the ICON show is not the only place to see these two Boulder artists together.

Caroline Douglas - Porcelain Dream FigureThis winter, the showcases of the Boulder Showroom are once more adorned with Caroline’s ethereal sculptural creations. And, according to the artist, they all came from a dream: “My Mother died last June. Not long after her death, I had a dream that I was standing with her in a wide open field. We were surrounded by hundreds of life-sized porcelain figures, some were glittering with gold. It was so peaceful.” 

Thinking how difficult it would be to translate these dream figures into life-sized porcelain and gold sculptures, Caroline chose a more workable scale. “They range from 10-18 inches. I decided to make 100 sculptures. I’m up to 65!” The angelic figures have been a tremendously successful part of the Boulder Showroom’s look this season. Todd Reed is been honored to exhibit Caroline Douglas’s latest body of work, “Heart expressed in clay,” according to Caroline.

Two Boulder Icons collaborating to make beautiful works that celebrate the joy of creating. Stop by the Boulder Showroom at 2015 Pearl Street to see more!

On view in Boulder Showroom

On View in the Boulder Showroom


Todd Reed Caroline Douglas

Two of Boulder’s Icons collaborating to create a beautiful space

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