BMoCA Exhibit Tour, Part 2

Todd Reed jewelry BMOCA


This past fall Todd put together an exhibit at a local art museum – read part 1 here.
Let’s continue on the tour of the exhibit…

Todd Reed feature BMOCA ExhibitA test piece that Todd made to experiment with mixing metals and creating texture.


Todd Reed feature BMOCA ExhibitTodd Reed feature BMOCA Exhibit

Another test piece with gold details that move and a gemstone.


Todd Reed pendant feature BMOCA Exhibit

A pendant made of 18ky gold and raw diamond cubes.


Todd Reed necklace feature BMOCA Exhibit

Necklace in sterling silver with patina featuring raw diamond cubes.


Todd Reed belt buckle feature BMOCA Exhibit

This is the first belt buckle that Todd ever made. Nowadays, Todd has a variety of belt buckle designs in his men’s collection.


Todd Reed gemstone bracelet feature BMOCA Exhibit

A classic gemstone bracelet made by Todd in the early 90s.


Todd Reed feature BMOCA Exhibit

This piece features hand-forged metal and bezel-set quartz.


Todd Reed ring feature BMOCA Exhibit

This ring design includes a circle of raw diamond cubes around a beautiful citrine stone.


Looking through Todd’s past work, it is clear to see his developing aesthetic. Part three of the tour will be posted soon! Stay tuned…

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