BMoCA Exhibit Tour, Part 1

Todd Reed BMOCA Exhibit feature


This past fall Todd put together an exhibit for a local museum, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. It showed sketches and pieces he had created over the last 20 years.

We documented the exhibit and will be posting it in several parts. The look of this exhibit was very cool. Todd hung his creations on the blank white wall and although each piece was small, all of them together created a big statement.

Todd’s medium is jewelry, so these pieces are his attempt to turn feelings, thoughts and emotions into things. Just about all of the objects in the exhibit were made for and inspired by his wife, Eva. Many are not finished, they are samples and techniques.

The pieces were in no particular order, just how he felt they looked best on the wall. Here is the first section of wall:

Todd Reed BMOCA Exhibit jewelry feature


And here are a few close-ups:

Todd Reed BMOCA Exhibit feature

The top item is a barrette that Todd used to hold back his long hair many years ago. Up until creating that clip, he was making objects that weren’t wearable.

Todd Reed BMOCA Exhibit ring feature


As touched on previously, when Todd was teaching himself to be a metalsmith he would work on small pieces and not always make it a finished, wearable piece. He was experimenting:

Todd Reed BMOCA Exhibit necklace feature

This necklace uses a technique that was common in Todd’s early 90s designs. The sterling silver base has holes and small gold baubles which are bars with balls on each end – the gold pieces actually move.


Todd Reed BMOCA Exhibit featureTodd Reed BMOCA Exhibit feature

Many of his early pieces used raw diamond cubes.


Moving on to the next section of wall…

Todd Reed BMOCA Exhibit featureTodd Reed BMOCA Exhibit featureTodd Reed BMOCA Exhibit belt buckle feature

This is a design that Todd used on his first belt buckle as well as this brooch. Although there is an organic feel, his designs have always had some geometric elements.


Todd Reed BMOCA Exhibit feature

Todd’s first collection included thick wire designs.


Todd Reed BMOCA Exhibit feature

Here is a desk ornament made with sterling silver, black and white brilliant cut diamonds and an octahedron.


Todd Reed BMOCA Exhibit feature

Another piece using the technique mentioned before – the gold bars move making for a very cool bangle bracelet.


Todd Reed BMOCA Exhibit feature

Stick pins using gemstones from the years that Todd was experimenting and teaching himself.


Todd Reed BMOCA Exhibit silverware feature

He also created non-wearable objects like silverware.

This is a small selection of the exhibiting pieces from BMoCA’s Present Box Exhibition: ‘Durty Raw, Passion, Love Seduction Money, Lust.’


Check back soon for Parts II & III!

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