All About the Details

Todd Reed jewelry


When Todd designs, he does so with intention. Each one of his pieces have beautiful details that you may not notice at first glance. Here are some small discoveries I made while trying on some of the newest designs.

Dancing diamonds across the backside of a fancy cut diamond in a bezel on the above long statement chain. If the diamond flips while you’re wearing the necklace, it still looks stunning. I love how these stones make a swerving pattern that seems to align with where the chain is attached to the bezel.

The inside of our leather bracelets are marked with our signature grey color and our logo.

Todd Reed leather bracelet


The underside of this cuff has our symbol etched in, adding interest yet keeping with the design of the piece.

Todd Reed cuff


Lastly, my all-time favorite classic Todd Reed detail: the raw cube. It’s always found on necklace clasps and often on the backside of our cuffs.

Todd Reed chainTodd Reed cuff


Take another look the next time you see at Todd Reed piece and look for the unexpected detail!

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