Alayna & Mark

Alayna & Mark


We love to hear from clients about their experience finding their perfect mate (and ring). Mark shares his Todd Reed story below.

I had walked past Todd Reed many times in years past as a single guy working in downtown Boulder, and always loved the style of his jewelry. I figured if I ended up being a life-long bachelor, I could at least buy some pieces for myself down the road. Well, as fate would have it I met the most incredible woman who literally stole my heart. Being a tech guy, we met in a somewhat expected way (online) but my experience with Alayna was anything but. She literally left me speechless with her smile (no small feat), and right from the get-go I knew I’d be marrying this girl! I had an absolute blast working with Jennifer and Melissa designing her ring from the ground up, and spent many lunch hours running down Pearl to talk more about the exactly perfect stone and setting. They never got tired of my back and forth on the styles and even helped me to tease some design queues out of Alayna without her truly knowing she was helping to pick her ring.
Todd Reed wedding bands

I planned to propose on a trip to Costa Rica together, and have never been so nervous as I was holding the ring on my person through two airports and as many international flights. The proposal planning was orchestrated via email with hotel staff who spoke very little English (and I zero Spanish) but it all went off without a hitch… well almost. The horses that were lined up to take us on a sunset ride along the beach were a little (well, lot) late and I panicked more than a little. Thankfully we had a lovely sunset ride along the beach, up into the forest and back down to a private beach where a trail of rose pedals led us to a chilled bottle of champagne. I was so nervous that I put the ring on the wrong finger, but I think that it still counts as long as she said yes.

We had a BLAST creating our own wedding bands with the Todd Reed team again (well, a collection of bands in her case), and they are truly the most beautiful pieces of jewelry I’ve ever seen. We get compliments and questions all the time from strangers, and I got both the girl AND the ring that I’d been hoping for so many years past. Thank you, Todd Reed!

His wife Alayna says, “Ditto!


Congratulations to you both!

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