A Teapot to Change Lives

Todd Reed teapot


Todd Reed® is pleased to announce a gift to Jeni’s Tea, a gift whose sale at auction through July 20th will be used to transform the lives of those affected by the 2015 earthquake in Nepal: a tiny teapot in Sterling Silver, 18k yellow gold and diamonds.

We are happy to share a message from Jeni’s Tea: “Funds from the auction will be used to pay a teacher’s salary in the grade school in Bardu village in Ilam, Nepal. We will also be rebuilding homes that were devastated in the earthquake of April 25, 2015.”

THE STORY: The original teapot was extraordinary. Purchased by Jeni during a trip to Taiwan, it was made from a rare, high quality clay. But the original work of art met an early demise when it was accidentally broken. That heartbreaking moment was turned into hope…

THE CHALLENGE: Todd Reed, renowned designer, took those shards and transformed them into something wonderful again. He and his team of skilled artisans cast the broken pieces and “repaired” the teapot, highlighting the fractures and imperfections with gold and jewels; a transformation from devastation into beauty.

THE TRANSFORMATION: The teapot is not done with its powerfully transformative abilities. Gifted to Jeni, the new teapot will continue its beautiful alchemy by helping Nepalese lives devastated by the 7.8 earthquake in 2015 and the resulting humanitarian crisis. All proceeds from the Jeni’s Tea hosted auction will be donated to relief efforts in Nepal. Your bids will improve lives.


3 inches x 1.75 inches
Diamond carat weight is .1245
Sterling Silver with a patina finish and 18K gold

AUCTION URL: For more information visit the AUCTION WEBSITE

Todd Reed Teapot

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