A Jewelry Story: Kathy

Todd Reed custom necklace design


This custom design hit close to home and so we wanted to share its story.

Kathy, a previous employee of Todd Reed and a very dear friend to many of us here recently re-purposed an old ring of hers in order to create this one-of-a-kind necklace. The original ring was given to her on her 21st birthday. It had a yellow gold band with a 2.5ctw pear-shaped sky blue topaz center stone.

I really don’t wear yellow gold anymore. My wedding ring is palladium and all the stuff that I wear tends to go into the realm of silver,” Kathy shared quickly after placing her order.

She wanted to be able to wear the stone in some way and was interested in creating a necklace with it. She took her idea to the Showroom where Melissa showed her a couple of styles.

Originally I was thinking about a trdn480.

Todd Reed custom necklaces

I thought it would be really cool and simple, until Melissa showed me the 707 style.

Todd Reed ring

Susan helped me try one on and I was completely taken by the design. I decided that’s what I wanted after Susan told me I could use the gold from my band as the bezel for my stone. She also recommended that I use a sterling silver chain to make the necklace match my silver jewelry collection.” And the rest is history…

Here she is seeing her necklace for the very first time.

Kathy receives Todd Reed necklace

Linda was the jeweler for this special piece and she really enjoyed making it for Kathy. It’s always fun to make jewelry for people you know and care about. She did a great job!

Linda and Kathy

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